London, Paris & Amsterdam in 24hrs with OM-D

November 28, 2012  •  2 Comments

Although this is probably one of the longest blog's I have posted it has been a mad 24 hours, so here I go. Packed with my OM-D, 25mm Panny, Oly 45mm & Oly 75mm, I took off from a rainy England morning at 6am. First stop was Amsterdam and I was greeted with a crisp winters morning. It was going to be whistle stop tour as I had a train booked in 4 hours to head down to Paris. As I headed towards the city centre the clouds started to fill and then the rain came. In between the rain showers I managed to get out for a while with the Panny 25mm.





Gay Paris,


The city of Romance, fine wine and great food and with my wife at home and the uncontrollable desire to take to the streets with my OM-D. I don't think I am going to get to sample any of them.


I checked into the boutique Napoleon Hotel, the architecture and decor was beautiful and if I wasn't heading out I could have happily spent a few hours in and around the hotel. I headed towards the Arc De Triomphe, Whilst this has been photographed so many times, I couldn't resist, as one have never climbed it and two I also wanted to test my new Gorilla Hybrid Pod. As I approached this historical monument, I took a few shots of the local Paris streets.




I couldn't resist stepping onto the cobbled road where a parked bentley looked great against the Arc De Triomphe, it just oozed money.


The view as you look-up standing under the Arc. Wow!


After purchasing my ticket, I started to climb the circular stairs of the Arc De Triomphe, wanting to reach for the camera each step but I held off until I got to the top. Looking down I took a few shots, the first was taken in aperture priority mode and the second was with the dramatic art filter applied. I seem to have found a love for this filter, it is the one filter that I consistently love the results from but I appreciate it is not to everyone's taste.

_B260116 OMD60118

The next few photo’s below were taken at the top before walking out onto the observatory platform.

_B260168 _B260171 _B260170

Walking out onto the observatory platform, the sky hit me. The air was polluted with the artificial light from the city but it gave a lovely dramatic feel. I then noticed the observatory periscopes, which enabled me to wrap the legs of the gorilla pod around it and spin the camera in all directions. The views were amazing and the cloud formation that night was great. The following photos were shoot in a variety of styles, Including Manual, Aperture Priority, Diorama and Dramatic filter. I had also pre-set the FN1 button to Myset4, which I had pre-configured for bracketing. I love the different feel I captured of this beautiful city, using a variety of settings, which were all made so easy with the OM-D. The creative power of this camera is outstanding.

OMD60153 OMD60134 _B260164


After a 4am Start the night was heading to an end "or at least I was". So there was only one thing for it. A large glass of fine red wine, sit back and think about the mad 24 hours I had just completed. I used such a variety of shooting set-up’s and each time the OM-D performed flawlessly. I had a handful of photos that were not usable and that was only due to pushing the boundaries a little too far but it was great fun in the process. 


For those of you that are interested in the EXIF data for each photo, you can find it at HERE. I am going to start adding this link to most of my blogs as from personal experience I will look at a photo and sometimes look for this information.


I hope you enjoyed and goodnight for now.


Luis Gomez(non-registered)
Awesome! I love the Panny 25mm, it's always on my GX1 and the Oly 12mm Black Edition on the OM-D. Since I love B&W, your images are gorgeous. Thanks for sharing.
reid Wolf(non-registered)
very very nice, those Bentley shots are hard to come by where I live. Looks like the camera appreciated your fast primes. Thanks for exif info.
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