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Today has been a pretty amazing day, not only has my Olympus family increased by 1, to be precise the new Stylus 1 (bought for my wife, sort of)  OMD50019-2OMD50019-2OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA but I also had the honour and privilege of interviewing a good friend and retired pro wedding photographer.

Although I want to share my initial thoughts of the Stylus 1, this blog is dedicated to the amazing afternoon I spent with Jon. What I will say at this stage is 3 of the images below were captured using the Stylus 1.

My set-up for the day was my Olympus OM-D, 2 x Olympus FL50-R's shooting though Damian McGillicuddy's 36" modifier and a Wescott rapid Octabox. When needed I used a Rogue snoot for directional lighting, whilst the the Stylus 1 was set-up to capture video footage in HD. The images in this blog were captured in jpeg using the monotone picture mode.

As a pro photographer Jon, now in his 80's spent every Saturday capturing hundreds of couples magical day and after 20 years of putting his Hasselblad down, today he dusted it off to give me a trip down memory lane. For me the shoot today was just as much about listening to his stories as it was about learning and understanding if or how the mind of a photographer has changed to the modern photographer of today.


Jon with his cherished Hasselblad.

OMD50032-2OMD50032-2OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OMD50039-2OMD50039-2OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Jon's wife Silvia use to be his assistant when shooting weddings, with 12 frame films loaded into each back it was Silvia's job to ensure she handed him the next back at the right time to ensure he didn't miss a moment.


Up close and personal with the Hasselblad.


The image below is a bride in Spain where whilst Jon was on holiday with his wife they found themselves amongst a traditional Spanish wedding. Jon asked the happy couple if he could take a few photo's. To his surprise the Spanish pro photographer commissioned for the shoot asked the happy couple if they could stay in position for each of the poses that Jon created so that he could capture the same emotion. 

OMD50072OMD50072OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OOC jpeg using the Pinhole effect.

OMD50078OMD50078OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA So what have I learnt from today? Firstly it is as important to look back as it is to look forward, if you know any retired photographers take the time to sit down and listen to their stories. The second thing that today reinforced is photography has no age limit, although Jon shoots for fun now his years of experience means he could still give the younger generation a run for their money and I now look forward to shooting well into my retirement. And finally I believe as photographers we experience life in a slightly different way and as a result we experience more and create amazing memories which will make for great stories to tell later in life.

(I will be writing a further blog covering my initial thoughts of the Stylus 1, did you guess what images were captured with it?)

Thanks Jon.



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