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Influences shape who we become...  

During my younger years whenever the topic of photography was mentioned, the name David Bailey would crop up. Back then I was intrigued on how one man could have such an impact and touch so many lives. His career history started in 1959 running through to the current date, he is an Icon and has become bigger than some of the celebrities he has worked with to date. Whilst there has been many great photographers pre and post David's era, his presence and photography style defiantly made an impact on me.

From a recent interview labeled What I’ve Learned. I loved the following responses David gave. images


What I've Learned by David Bailey


Money or respect? I’d rather have both.

I listen to everybody, then I ignore them. But at least I listen. You’ve got to treat people with dignity.

If something becomes old-fashioned it was no good to start with. Think about it. Michelangelo is not old-fashioned.

Being handsome wasn’t much of a burden. It worked for me.


The internet, whilst now taken for granted has enabled me to read other like-minded photographers websites and blogs, these give me inspiration, tips and ideas. I have enjoyed from working alongside other Pro photographers and more recently I have gained inspiration from many of the Olympus shooters around the world such as Damian McGillicudy. From an early age I remember shooting with my dad's Olympus camera and maybe it is for this reason that when I moved over to Olympus full time I immediately felt at home and found new inspiration. 

With the increasing presence and discussions happening on social media platforms I have now found a new central source for insperation. This has also enabled me to connect with photographers around the world, receiving feedback and enabling me to develop my photography style. Whilst I do not intentionally interact on social media platforms for influences, inveitably it just happens. Through the people I follow I can certainly say they have influenced me.

A famous quote stated, which I love and refer to in many aspects of my life still today is "A picture speaks a thousand words".