James Harold Photography | My Style

I love photos that involve people.

I have never felt the need to try and identify my photography style but what I can say is that I have a true passion for photography that involves people, be that portraiture, lifestyle or street. I love the stories a face can tell, the memories and emotions it can evoke, how body language can change the look and feel, and how we interact with each other.



Lifestyle Having Fun on the Beach

I have had the greatest amount of fun to date with this style of photography, one minute I could be in front of the camera and the next behind

capturing that moment. Blessed with two beautiful children, they give me endless opportunities to capture photos full of emotion. There is far less control with this style and for me it sits nicely between portrait photography, where I have near full control and street photography, where I have little or no control.

A few seconds before I shot the picture to the right I was playing with my family, having fun on a bright, sunny day on the beach. The photo has great feeling and emotion and brings back many fond memories of the moment. 








Fashion OMD70004

More recently I have been exploring the creative side of fashion photography, from the early stages of an idea through to the finished result it is a great feeling to create that one image that portrays beauty, be it in a garment, a hair style or the model.  

I have been fortunate enough to work alongside some great fashion photographers on location and in the studio. And whilst I love the emotion and excitment on location shoots give there are also times when a simple pure solid backdrops found in studio can create amazing hi and low light results where the subject just pops.










StreetYoung Love on South Downs

This style of photography has no boundaries but for me it will generally involve people. I have always classified myself as a people watcher; I'm interested and intrigued by everyday lives. This style of photography doesn't require expensive or bulky equipment, but what it does require is an eye for a moment and perfect timing. I The results you get when interacting with your subject can be very different to those you capture when your subject is caught unaware. I enjoy both styles as each can give a unique feel and it all depends what you are trying to create. Once you decide on the style, photography techniques such as depth of field, framing and composition can be used in order to create an image that conveys a compelling story. The photo to the right was captured on a cold winter's afternoon at the top of the South Downs. The couple were just setting off on a walk and the sun dropping in the foreground wrapped them with a warm glow, I wished I was heading off on the walk myself.